The Australian Greyhound Racing Industry

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February 2017

In October 2016, the NSW Premier backflipped on the ban mentioned below, due to political, media and industry pressure. No live baiters have been given the promised life-time ban, or been stopped transferring their dogs into someone else’s name.

On 24 February 2017, more proof that doping continues, and that the promised “crackdown” has not taken place.

July 2016

****Greyhound Racing to end in NSW by July 2017***

The report of the Special Commission into the industry was released today, and found

“… overwhelming evidence of systemic animal cruelty, including mass greyhound killings and live baiting. The inquiry's report concluded that the NSW Greyhound Racing Industry has fundamental animal welfare issues, integrity and governance failings that can not be remedied."

June 2016

179 trainers and owners in NSW have been charged with illegally sending Greyhounds to certain death in Macau’s notorious Canidrome, despite the lucrative practice having been banned in 2013. Each dog can sell for up to $20,000 (as boasted by one high-profile exporter), and once in Macau they are kept in atrocious conditions, with races held day and night until inevitable injury leads to a euthanasia rate of 100%.

Mid February 2016

“Self-regulation” at its finest. You couldn't make this stuff up.

1. Racing industry stewards were instructed by management to hide details of deaths and injuries from their reports, to avoid bad publicity. I don’t think it’s working.

2.  One of 15 Greyhound racing people to face a Victorian court in April accused of live baiting is ... wait for it ... the former Integrity Manager. Yes, the industry-appointed person responsible for industry integrity is one of those discovered using live possums, rabbits and piglets to train their dogs.

I’ll repeat that. One of those indefensibly vicious human beings was the Integrity Manager. 

Early February 2016

“Leading” Greyhound trainer Tom Noble pled guilty to 15 animal cruelty charges involving live baiting, and declared “there probably was not one track in Queensland that wasn’t live baiting.” A bit difficult for the industry to keep vowing that it doesn’t exist or involves only a “few bad apples”.

Late October 2015

As the industry continues to flounder under the weight of ongoing discoveries of cruelty and illegal activities, it is also suffering from increased public scrutiny, with damning industry reports being widely circulated. As a result, trainers have increased their already hysterical vitriol, such as renewing their months-old accusations that I killed Wynny and Ernie to “further my [anti-racing] cause”. Maybe they haven’t actually read any of the facts here. Be my guest.

Late September 2015

The NSW Inquiry has released the following statistics which come from the racing industry itself.

17,500 Greyhounds are bred in Australian racing kennels every year. Yes, 17,500.

Up to 96% of them are put down. Yes, 96%.

Nine out of ten trainers admit to live baiting. Yes, 90%, not the "tiny fraction" they tried to convince us of.

Late July 2015

Following an astonishingly misjudged segment on “Sunrise”, a morning TV show, where the hosts joked about forming a Greyhound Racing syndicate, I posted a link to this site and politely asked them not to make fun of what killed Wynny. The racing people immediately launched a vicious and slanderous attack on me, repeating the accusation mentioned below, and worse. This hysterical paranoia and vitriol was published for the world to see, which further undermines their legitimacy, shows them to be the nasty people they are, and strengthens the case against them. They and their illegal activities must be stopped.

Mid July 2015

In the wake of the “live baiting scandal” outlined below, dozens of Australian trainers and racing identities have been charged, banned or stood down. The revelations now include mass graves and the industry is scrambling to defend itself.

In a new low, one Greyhound trainer who visited this site accused me of killing Wynny myself to “further my cause”. Sick.

February 2015

An undercover operation has revealed the widespread use of illegal “live-baiting” in the Australian Greyhound Racing IndustryVisit the official site here.

Live piglets, possums (a protected species) and rabbits are gradually torn apart by a succession of dogs. The repercussions of these findings have rocked the Industry, which is self-regulating and has always denied any such practices exist. There is no doubt that even more widespread doping will soon be revealed. 

You can watch the very disturbing footage here: Four Corners

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