In Memorium

My eulogy (posted on social media): 

RIP Wynny, The Wynnster, Wynnsome Lass, and all the other lovely names you gave her. 

The vet came this morning. 

It was another horrible night, so I have not yet read all your comments and messages from yesterday. I'm sure they are as kind and supportive as always, and the least I can do is give you this news. … I really really miss the Greyhound I was lucky enough to foster for 6 weeks and to own for just a day. 

Run free, dear, special girl, without a muzzle or a harness or a track or any pain. Fly.

Through photos and her story, Wynny captured the hearts of people all over the world. When she died so prematurely, in such sad circumstances, it shocked everyone. 

Here are some of more than 80 tributes posted on social media, starting with a poem written by someone lucky enough to meet this special dog.

Poetry in motion, elegant and black, free as the wind, never look back. 

Free as a bird, soaring the dawn, Hear No Rhythm, with us no more. 

All the love to give, asking nothing in return, but getting the warmest of hearts with skill, love and concern. 

Little by little, you stole our hearts. We shared our love.

> I am so sorry!! Wynny knew the love she had never known because you gave her your heart. Run free sweet girl! 

> That is such heart wrenching news, after all the love you poured into her. Rest assured though that you probably gave her the best days of her life in that short time with you and she is now at peace.

> Run free Wynny

> That's awful RIP beautiful Wynny

> She became very special in a short space of time to many people and now she will never have another sad bad moment. Dog bless you both.

> The little girl had the best friend ever when she found you, she was a beautiful girl. I'm glad Wynny had a good time at playgroup a week ago, she was allowed to run free with other hounds and enjoy herself. R.I.P Wynney,

> I am so sorry for OUR loss, for she was already OUR girl.

> Run free Wynny without pain.

> So sad that this beautiful girl had to die just after she had found the most fantastic home she could ever have wished for. … She has had more love the last months of her life than she could ever have wished for.

> You have lost such a sweet dog like Whynny.....RIP beautiful greyhound, run free forever.

> RIP beautiful girl. i am glad I got to meet you in your glory, playing, running and loved! When i stop crying for you beautiful girl, i'll cry some more for your Mum. Blessed be that you brought her home, introduced her to our world, letting us share her with you. xxxxxx bye bye Whynny.

> Run free, run fast, run like the wind Wynny. You will be missed by many. Rest in peace sweet girl

> So sorry. She was such a sweet dog. At least she had an enjoyable last few weeks - illness excepted of course. Bloody bastard greyhound racing people. Grrrr.

> The world is a better place for us knowing her and following her journey.

> At least she knew what it meant to be loved even if it was only for a short time. Run free Wynny.

> Dear sweet shiny gentle Wynny, we have loved knowing you, and will miss you sorely.

> For whatever reason she touched a great many hearts, not just those who met her. We are all a little richer for knowing her.

> She needed a forever home for as long as that home would be and she couldnt have found a better place to spend the last weeks of her life. I am glad to have met her and that my boys were able to be part of her rehabilitation program

> I believe that animals live for the moment they don't think about or dwell on what has been . The last weeks of her life would have been like a dream to her . It's only right you gave her that.

> Your updates on her opened all our eyes to the wonderful friends an ex racing greyhound can make.

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