Her Final Illness

I wonder what you call a field hospital when it's in a lounge room. it looks haphazard, especially the "drip stand", but she is soooo much more comfortable and relaxed here than in hospital.

Having recovered from that one day of weakness, Wynny seemed fine for another couple of weeks, but then she collapsed again and had to spend a day in hospital, where blood tests showed a severely, chronically damaged liver - incurable. As she was a foster dog, the adoption group asked me to take her one of their own vets, and told me she would have to be euthanised there. So I adopted her (despite knowing she would not be mine for long) so I could make decisions for her and give her the end I felt she deserved. The original hospital very kindly provided me with IV fluids to keep her comfortable, so that she could end her life in a home and not a cage.

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